Alan Wallace 2019 Retreat: 7-Point Mind Training

The Seven-Point Mind Training

Alan Wallace's Seminar

Discover one of the teachings most valued by Tibetan masters, which synthesizes all the keys to enhancing meditation and cultivating altruism: the 7-Point Mind Training.

Alan Wallace, PhD, will give this theoretical and practical seminar from the 1st to the 7th of September. He will explain each of the aphorisms of this 7-point system with the accuracy and approachability that characterize him. He will also guide meditations, answer the participants’ questions and show how to integrate these teachings into daily life.

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(This seminar is organized by Sakya Foundation and Nirakara Institute)

The 7-Point Mind Training (lojong) is a system of practice taught by all schools of Tibetan Buddhism. Its origin is traced back to the pith instructions formulated by Atisha, the 11th century Indian mystic and scholar whose works summarize the keys of Buddhist theory and practice.

Lojong is a training particularly suited to those leading an active life. That’s because it is not based on practicing in isolation, but rather on transforming every situation into an opportunity for self-development.

The fundamental idea behind this system is changing our self-centered relationships with others (including friends, family, strangers and even enemies) to one that is based on altruism. For that purpose, Mahayana Buddhism emphasizes the cultivation of loving kindness and compassion for all sentient beings.

The culmination of this training is the investigation of the nature of the mind. Through such scrutiny, we can realise emptiness, the lack of inherent existence of all phenomena, as well as interdependence, the awareness that — as Wallace says — “all phenomena exist as dependently related events”.


Alan Wallace, PhD, is an author, translator, professor, researcher and meditation practitioner whose main interest is the convergence of the contemplative traditions and cognitive sciences. He has organized and participated in pioneering events in this field, such as the Mind and Life encounters, a series of dialogues between the Dalai Lama and Western scientists that have been held since 1987.

Alan Wallace is the president of the Santa Barbara Institute for Consciousness Studies (California, US), and he travels the world teaching conferences, giving seminars and guiding retreats. He has authored over 20 books and has published over 25 works with translations of traditional Tibetan Buddhist texts as well as over 30 research articles.

(You can read his complete biography here.)

The seminar will be held at the Centro Internacional de Estudios Budistas (Pedreguer, Spain) from the 1st to the 7th of September. The programme will include theoretical sessions, guided meditations and time for questions and answers.

Alan Wallace will teach in English and there will be consecutive translation into Spanish.

The seminar will begin on the 1st of September at 17h and will end on the 7th of September, before lunch .

Exemple a complete day (2-6 september)

07:00 a 07:45          Morning meditation session (with Lama Rinchen Gyaltsen)
08:00 a 09:45          Breakfast 
10:00 a 13:00          Morning theoretical and practical session
13:15 a 15:30          Lunch
16:00 a 18:30          Afternoon theoretical and practical session
18:45 a 19:25          Theoretical session: Questions & Answers
19:30 a 21:15          Dinner
21:30 a 22:00          Optional meditation

•  Meditators interested in deepening their practice
People interested in Buddhism
People interested in personal and spiritual development

•  395€

1 of September: The retreat starts at 17:00 (with the first session of the evening)
7 of September: The retreat finish at 13:00 (before lunch)

Lodging (6 nights)
•  Full board, individual room (56€/night): 336€ ***SOLD OUT***
Full board, double room (44€/night): 264€ ***SOLD OUT***
•  Full board, quad room (40€/night): 240€***SOLD OUT***
•  Full board, male dormitory (33€/night): 198€***SOLD OUT***
•  Full board double room in shared apartment 100m from the monastery (45€/night): 270€***SOLD OUT***

(Shared rooms are separated by gender.)