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Un programa completo de formación en meditación en formato interactivo, diseñado para todas aquellas personas que están interesadas en desarrollar una práctica meditativa genuina y transformadora mediante el budismo tibetano y la atención plena. Este ciclo formativo de meditación con certificación en la tradición de budismo tibetano, de un año de duración en línea, está diseñado para personas con o sin experiencia en el budismo y que quieren profundizar en la meditación, y también para aquellos que tengan interés en introducir a otros en la meditación. Inscripciones ya están cerrados.

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  • Description
  • Description

    Entries have been closed on September 4. 

    Es un curso en línea de especialista de formación en meditación destinado a todas aquellas personas interesadas en desarrollar una práctica meditativa genuina y transformadora.

    La Formación en Meditación en línea incluye dos cursos: en el primero compuesto de 24 lecciones, utilizaremos como manual base el texto de Sakya Pandita “Iluminando el Legado del sabio” y en el segundo el manual de meditación de Ngorchen Khönchog Lhundrup “El bello ornamento de las tres Visiones”.

    Participants who successfully complete the final examination will receive a certificate of “Instructor in Buddhist Meditation” that enables them to teach courses as meditation introducers, guide practices and provide emotional, psychological and spiritual development tools to different populations.

    The course consists of a total of 360 hours, of which 160 hours are theoretical and have an interactive and group character and 200 hours are practical and non-face-to-face.

    This weekly training of 1 year includes:

    • 48 lessons of ~ 45 minutes in audio and video
    • 48 guided meditations of 20 minutes
    • 48 recorded 20-minute question and answer sessions
    • Four group live question and answer sessions with the teacher
    • A book (in Spanish)
    • Supplementary material to support the teachings
      • Graphic schemes
      • Meditation Page
      • Prayers
      • SS Video
      • Practical exercises
    • Weekly tasks that include reflection questions and group work
    • Online forum for questions and discussions

    Duration and dedication

    The training begins on September 4, 2017 and lasts for 48 weeks online and then a 10 day face-to-face retreat. We recommend that participants reserve a block of 2 to 4 hours per week to meet the following requirements:

    • 3 or 4 hours of classes per week and 20 minutes of meditation per day
    • In total, 160 theoretical hours, evaluated with a written exam
    • In total, 200 hours of practice
    • ** To receive certification, you must participate in a 10 day retreat in person (in August 2018 in Spain or in November 2018 in South America)

    The online study will take approximately 90 minutes a week:

    • Lessons of 45 minutes
    • 20-minute question and answer session
    • Guided meditation of 25 minutes

    Specifically, the participants will intervene in:

    • Discussions in forum – every 2 weeks
    • 4 group sessions of live questions and answers with the teacher (dates to be determined)

    The commitment to practice includes:

    • As a training in meditation, the participants commit to develop a 25-minute daily meditation to integrate the material of each lesson
    • In addition, a 10-day retreat in Spain in August 2018 or in South America in November 2018

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  • Objectives
  • goals

    At the end of the two-year course, you will have done the following:

    • The basics of mindfulness and its applications
    • The Basics of Buddhist Philosophy and Psychology
    • The theory and application of meditation techniques of Mahayana Buddhism
    • The stages and paths of spiritual development
    • Common obstacles to spiritual development and methods for overcoming them
    • Buddhist philosophy in everyday life
    • You will be able to introduce different populations to the art of meditation
    • You will have acquired a solid foundation for Mantrayana practices
    • You will have learned how to develop a reflexive and critical attitude towards spiritual teachings, both Buddhist and other traditions

    Skills acquired

    Through this course you will:

    • Understand the essential theoretical aspects of Buddhist philosophy, psychology and meditation
    • Be able to introduce a non-specialized audience into the art of meditation
    • To know the meditative techniques and practices of Mahayana Buddhism
    • To have experience in the stages of the development of the conscience, its obstacles and the methods to overcome them
    • Experience the effects of different meditation techniques
    • Develop a reflexive and critical attitude towards spiritual teachings, both Buddhist and other traditions

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  • Format
  • Group format

    When does the class meet?

    Meditation Training is designed so that your experience is synchronized weekly with the teacher and the other participants. Each lesson will be available from a fixed date and you will have one week to complete the lesson on the day you agree with your group, or the day and time you want if you have enrolled individually. Although you are going to go your own pace during each week, you will follow the weekly programmed curriculum, in which all participants will start the course in the same week and end the course in the same week.

    What is the format of the course?

    The key to learning, assimilating and retaining the content of this training is to embark you on the journey with partners. The courses are designed for participation in groups. We strongly encourage you to take the opportunity to register through a group, with others living near . If this is not a possibility (there is no one nearby, any other obstacle), you can register individually and we will put you in a virtual group online.


    The teachings are based on the traditional way of transmitting teachings in Tibetan philosophical schools, combined with the best practices of distance learning. This includes a combination of oral presentation by the teacher, practice (guided meditations) and contemplation (individual content exposed and sharing in working groups and debate).


    If you want to take online Meditation Training in a group you have to join one that already exists or form a new Paramita Group. To qualify as a group, you must have a minimum of 4 people and a maximum of 10 people.

    How groups work

    •  The coordinator of the group will register part of the entire Paramita Group here:
    • The participants of the groups will register through the coordinator of their Paramita Group, to receive the discount.
    • Participants will be given access to all teachings and materials through the coordinator.


    In order to help the student to fix those contents, which have been worked during the lessons, we have designed some tasks that will be added to the didactic material in an upright way

    To complete the task, the student should:

    1º- Reflect and answer the questions raised individually
    2.- Contribute their conclusions and discuss with the group in the next session face-to-face or virtual
    3.- Compare the individual and group responses with those provided by the Lama, which will be delivered in the lesson following.

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  • Testimonials
  • About us 

    Alejandro Marí Escalera, Ibiza
    “An indescribable experience. It has substantially improved my quality of life and those with whom I live thanks to the experiences and knowledge that I have acquired from the hand of the teacher Lama Rinchen Gyaltzen and my colleagues. Wonderful.”

    Consuelo PIllado Pérez, Lugo
    “A million past lives, causes, conditions, karma … is what has brought me right up to now, in this precise moment, with just ignorance and just clarity, to understand that if I want to be an instrument of my own happiness and the happiness of others, I must continue on the right path, the precious Path of the Wise, with the fair and precious Masters. For all this I feel blessed and infinitely grateful. “

    Belén Colomina, Valencia
    “A really inspiring formation, where the practice and the teachings are combined in a complete training program. In it, I discovered a wonderful experience full of meaningful learning. “

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  • Registration
  • Enrollment

    Limited space. Registration closes on August 21st . The course starts on September 4th .

    (1) The registration fee is € 360 (special price for the inaugural cycle). (2) Groups Paramita *: € 120 per person (discount of 67%) with a minimum of 4 people and a maximum of 10 people – all share an account –the coordinator. * If you are not already in a Paramita Group, create one or join in one here >>

    We aspire to make all of our online programs accessible to everyone who has an interest in participating in them. To make this possible, the Sakya Foundation offers scholarships to:

    • Full-time and unemployed students – 50% discount
    • Monastics and prisoners – free

    100% of the money that we collect with the courses is directly destined to contribute to the expenses of developing and maintaining Institute Paramita, to be able to continue offering courses and formations in line to the community. The rest of the expenses are covered by the Sakya Foundation and the generosity of members of the Sangha.

    If you have a genuine financial limitation and do not qualify for these scholarships, you can apply for an individual scholarship.

    Request a scholarship from the Sakya Foundation for completing  this form.

    Cancellation Policy

    Refunds. In case of canceling the course before the start date, there is a cancellation fee of € 25. After the start date, no refunds will be made.


    To access the evaluation that allows to be accredited as an instructor in Buddhist meditation will be necessary to have completed the total of the lessons. The evaluation will be formative and will consist of:

    • A self-assessed multiple-choice final exam
    • Meditative practice log book
    • 10 days face-to-face retreat

    Participants who wish to become certified as meditation instructors must successfully complete the course, the self-assessed examination, and participate in the face-to-face meditation retreat. The retreat is guided by Lama Rinchen Gyaltsen and consists of 10 days of study and intense practice in silence with vegetarian food. The details of the certification withdrawal will be announced in early 2018.

    Scheduled withdrawals:

    • In CIDEB , Alicante, Spain in August 2018
    • In South America in November 2018

    Registration policy

    1. Groups: Only the coordinator will have direct access to the online account. The purpose is for everyone to see the course together through this account.  
    2. You can not combine the first year attendance with the second year online.
    3. You can combine the first year online and the second year face-to-face (if there is space) by waiting list order.
    4. You can not add more people to a group after August 21. In exceptional situations, they can apply until September 11 by writing to  secretaria @ .

    Frequent questions

    Will the videos be available so we can see them several times if we want, as in the courses so far? Although we understand that the vast majority of groups will finish training in September 2018, content will remain available until 2019. However, coordinators can download audio files for group use.

    How will we do when any of the members go on vacation, for example; or even if I had to travel for work? If any of the members already know that they will not be present for a few weeks it would be better for the person to register as an individual (not as a group) so that he has his own access to the course and can participate in the weekly debates online. Attendance is very important for this course, it can not be successfully completed without regular participation in group discussions and responses.

    How will we do when all the members of the group will be on vacation at the same time? In the event that the whole group goes on vacation in the same week (s) the course may be one (or two) intensive week with two or three lessons per week, and then after the holidays, they retake the courses in the weekly schedule (this is because the first 4 lessons will be available in the first week that the course opens).

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    Inscríbete en este curso

    Curso Materiales


    Lección de Presentación

    Lección 1: Introducción al Legado del Sabio

    Lección 2: Naturaleza Búdica

    Lección 3: Refugio 1

    Lección 4: Refugio 2

    Abre en: 25-Sep-2017

    Lección 5: Bodhichitta 1

    Abre en: 02-Oct-2017

    Lección 6: Bodhichitta 2

    Abre en: 09-Oct-2017

    Lección 7: El Camino del Bodhisattva

    Abre en: 16-Oct-2017

    Lección 8: Introducción a las Paramitas

    Abre en: 23-Oct-2017

    Lección 9: Generosidad 1

    Abre en: 30-Oct-2017

    Lección 10: Generosidad 2

    Abre en: 06-Nov-2017

    Lección 11: Conducta

    Abre en: 13-Nov-2017

    Lección 12: Paciencia

    Abre en: 20-Oct-2017

    Lección 13: Entusiasmo 1

    Abre en: 27-Nov-2017

    Lección 14: Entusiasmo 2

    Abre en: 04-Dec-2017

    Lección 15: Meditación 1

    Abre en: 11-Dec-2017

    Lección 16: Meditación 2

    Abre en: 18-Dec-2017

    Lección 17: Meditación 3

    Abre en: 25-Dec-2017

    Lección 18: Sabiduría 1

    Abre en: 01-Jan-2018

    Lección 19: Sabiduría 2

    Abre en: 08-Jan-2018

    Lección 20: Impulsar a los Seres a Madurar 1

    Abre en: 15-Jan-2018

    Lección 21: Impulsar los Seres a Madurar 2

    Abre en: 22-Jan-2018

    Lección 22: Caminos y Etapas

    Abre en: 29-Jan-2018

    Lección 23: El Resultado Último

    Abre en: 05-Feb-2018

    Lección 24: Resumen

    Abre en: 12-Feb-2018