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Buddha of Compassion: Cycle of Yogas and Mantras

Enjoy an extraordinary cycle of initiations and teachings on the enlightened yogas of compassion from H.H. Gongma Trichen and H.H. Sakya Trizin 42 at Centro Budista Sakya.


The Yogas of Avalokiteshvara

17th to 21st August

H.H. Gongma Trichen and H.H. Sakya Trizin 42 will introduce the most complete practice of Avalokiteshvara: a comprehensive system to achieve complete enlightenment composed of formal meditation and daily-life yogas based on the Buddha of Compassion.

To begin, H.H. Gongma Trichen will grant us the Avalokiteshvara initiation. With it, he will activate his enlightened compassion and wisdom in us, and will thereby enable us to practice the meditation, mantra and yogas with which we can cultivate this compassion and wisdom day by day.

Over the next four days, H.H. Sakya Trizin 42 will give a cycle of teachings on the formal and daily-life practices of the Buddha of Compassion, which are known as «The Yogas of Avalokiteshvara» in the Tsembupa tradition. These practices are divided into two categories:

Formal practice:

Generation yoga

Recitation yoga

Yoga of perfection

Phowa yoga

Yogas in daily life:

Yoga of daily activities

Yoga of eating

Dressing yoga

Sleeping yoga

Yoga of dreaming

Waking yoga

In addition, H.H. Gongma Trichen will also give three complementary initiations:

Avalokiteshvara Singhanada:

The form of the Buddha of Compassion known as «Lion’s Roar». It is famous for the healing and pacifying power of its initiation, meditation and powerful mantra, which also help us to develop more harmony within ourselves, with our surroundings and with the environment.

Thousand-Armed Avalokiteshvara:

The most elaborate form of the Buddha of Compassion. His unlimited compassion towards all beings is embodied through eleven heads and one thousand arms, with which he develops his inconceivable enlightened activities. The recitation of his mantras, together with the visualization of his beautiful form, awakens his same enlightened qualities in us.


One of the main teachers who, through his enlightened activities, helped introduce the first wave of Buddhism to Tibet in the 8th century. There he is also known as “Guru Rinpoche” (“The Precious Master”). His practice and mantra are very important in all Tibetan traditions as they help us quickly invoke his blessings in our lives.

After the initiations you will receive each liturgy with the practice and the mantra.

This extraordinary cycle will begin on August 17th with the Bodhisattva Vows ceremony. This rite is recommended for all who are interested in formally generating the aspiration to attain the Enlightened Mind, the essence of the bodhisattva path. These vows are the beginning of the mahayana path, –the bodhisattva path–, and are the highest expression of love and compassion, so we are very fortunate to receive them from His Holiness.

What is an initiation?

A tantric initiation is a ceremony in which we receive a blessing from a buddha who activates the enlightened qualities of our buddha nature and enables us to cultivate them through a series of transformative practices and meditations.

This blessing comes from a lineage that originated with the Buddha himself and has been passed down from master to disciple without interruption to the present day.

During the ceremony, the teacher guides the session, indicating the visualizations and prayers with which the participants will receive the initiation. Upon completion, participants will not only have created a very special karmic bond with the master and buddha of the initiation, but they will also be empowered to develop the meditation and practices that lead to achieving the master’s same enlightened state.

Meet the Teachers

H. H. Gongma Trichen

Teacher of Teachers

His Holiness is one of the most important teachers of Tibetan Buddhism and the spiritual reference of the Sakya Tradition. For almost 60 years, he has been in charge of training, caring for and maturing three new generations of great teachers and practitioners, both Tibetan and Western.

Today, His Holiness continues to share his wisdom through the teachings and initiations he gives around the world as well as oversee various charitable projects in India, Nepal and Tibet. We are very fortunate to have His Holiness’s blessings and guidance.

H. H. Sakya Trizin 42

Tradition Upholder

H.H. Ratna Vajra is the previous upholder of the Sakya Tradition. From his earliest childhood, His Holiness has received extensive philosophical and meditative training from his noble father, H.H. Gongma Trichen, as well as under the personal tutelage of many renowned Tibetan masters.

Today, His Holiness is devoted to tirelessly passing on the treasured teachings and meditations of the Sakya Lineage to a whole new generation of practitioners, both lay and monastic. And he does so with a humility, warmth, and naturalness that have earned him the love and admiration of students and teachers alike.

How to Participate

Important information

The entire program will be in-person and it will not not be possible to participate in individual days

Accommodation and meals will be off-site: each participant will be responsible for managing their own room and board. You can find a list of recommendations on where to eat and sleep near the Center below:

(After registering, you will also receive an email with this list.)

The initiations and teachings of Their Holinesses will be in English with translation into Spanish. Attendees will also receive an English translation of the meditation liturgies for each initiation as well as the Yogas of Avalokiteshvara manual.

Everyone is welcome to participate in this extraordinary cycle of yogas and mantras. The only basic requirement is to be a practicing Buddhist, as this event is part of the Vajrayana practice.

The Yogas of Avalokiteshvara

17-21 August

Fully booked

* In gratitude for their unconditional and generous support, the Friends of the Sakya Foundation will receive a discount (of up to 50%) on their registration fee which corresponds to their membership type. If you would also like to be part of this community, click here to learn about the details or write us at [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the high volume of participation, the Center is unable to lodge or provide meals to participants. Therefore, everyone will have to manage their own room and board off-site.

Below you can see a list of suggested accommodations. You will also receive it after registering, as well as an invitation to a private online ride board which will enable you to contact other participants with whom you can share the journey to the Center.

We also recommend that you make your reservations as soon as possible. Because of increased local tourism during those dates, accommodations will be limited.

This program is for Buddhist practitioners who wish to explore or be introduced to the meditations of Vajrayana Buddhism.

We will comply with the security measures that are in effect in the Comunidad Valenciana at the time of the event.

If you have suspicious symptoms, we ask you to prioritize everyone’s health and stay home. Thank you very much for your cooperation.

Any other questions?

Write to us: [email protected]

Call us: (+34) 965 760 777

Monday to Friday.

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